Jerr-Dan and Aero Industries introduced an easy-to-operate rolling tarp model available to the carrier bed market through Jerr-Dan.

Based on Aero Industries' Conestoga 2 rolling tarp system, the system features a design that easily covers and uncovers a carrier deck quickly.

Other features include:
• A patented wheel and track system -- featuring a lifetime wheel warranty -- where steel wheels and a stainless steel track insert work to smooth out the process of opening and closing.
• A rear-locking system that increases the tarp's tension while securing the load from ground level, for safe and smooth operation.
• A patented system of spring shocks on the uplift bows reduce vibration from road conditions, keeping the tarp tight and reducing wear on the uplift bows. The uplift bows are low maintenance, free from no fasteners, pins or bushings to service or replace.
• A 30-inch rear bow assembly adds stability to the system, slides easily, and will not flex while opening and closing the system. The front of the system is fastened to a U.S. DOT rated bulkhead.
• A strong, coated vinyl tarp, available in several colors, works without cables to provide a tight, seamless cover.

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