AT&T and RaySat Broadcasting introduced At&T CruiseCast, an in-vehicle entertainment service that allows mobile professionals to watch a lineup of 22 satellite video channels anywhere in the country.

CruiseCast scales down satellite technology into a small pod-like antenna that affixes to the roof of vehicles. The antenna is paired with a receiver that is mounted in the vehicle and provides all video and audio connections. The technology overcomes line-of sight obstacles such as overpasses, buildings, trees or tunnels.

The 22 channel line-up will include a variety of programming including documentary, music, comedy news, and sports. It will deliver TV programming including many channels that are available in the home. Twenty satellite radio music channels will also be available at the launch. The service has the ability to add channels to meet market demands.

The service will be sold though auto dealerships and other automotive aftermarket channels when it debuts in Spring 2009. AT&T CruiseCast is building its industry distributor network today and enabling resellers to submit advance orders.

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