Tracer Products, Westbury, N.Y., introduced the Cobra and Cobra-Plus multi-purpose borescopes featuring built-in UV LED and white light LED, enabling technicians to inspect and leak check pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, radiators and EVAP systems without disassembly.
TP-9350 Cobra
TP-9350 Cobra

The UV LED is detects refrigerant leaks, fluid leaks and surface flaws, while the white light LED is works for component inspection.

The TP-9350 Cobra has a 10mm, 24-inch shaft, while the TP-935036 Cobra-Plus has a 10mm, extra-long 36-inch shaft for inspections requiring additional reach.

Both scopes include a clip-on inspection mirror, which provides the capability to detect flaws normally hidden from view. Four AA alkaline batteries power the two service-free, integrated solid-state LEDs. Fluorescence-enhancing glasses for use with UV light and fluorescent leak detection dyes are also included. Dyes are sold separately. All components are packed in plastic carrying case with a foam insert.

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