Kenworth has produced the "Kenworth White Paper on Fuel Economy" to help meet the challenges of today's high diesel prices and operating costs.

The Kenworth white paper features detailed sections on aerodynamics, component spec'ing, route and idle management, driver behavior, proper maintenance, and advanced technology to assist truck operators in their efforts to increase fuel economy and manage operating costs.

"Fuel efficiency, and finding ways to increase it, is foremost on the minds of fleets and owner-operators today," said Gary Moore, Kenworth assistant general manager for marketing and sales. "The Kenworth White Paper on Fuel Economy provides very useful information that can help pay dividends in the drive to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Kenworth pursues greater fuel efficiency through aerodynamic enhancements achieved through a combination of Kenworth Research and Development Center design efforts, computational fluid dynamics, and wind tunnel, test track and highway testing.

The "Kenworth White Paper on Fuel Economy" is available as a .pdf file for electronic download and printing on Kenworth's website. Copies are also available from Kenworth dealers.

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