GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services launched my.FleetOffice.
The new design is organized by drivers, vehicles, reports and includes multi-language access giving customers more management options in one place.

GE's Technical Advisory Board provided extensive input through design workshops to ensure that the new navigation addresses customers' workflows - from ordering to remarketing - covering U.S., Canada and Mexico. A single-screen layout flows through all customer applications making transition between workflow steps smooth and fast.

Enhancements include:

* Driver Management - "Add Driver" online functionality makes it easier for fleet managers to add and manage drivers without the need for a driver/vehicle relationship. This saves fleet managers time and improves driver profile accuracy. Key benefits include quick and easy vehicle assignments, reduced data entry time, and improved driver data accuracy.

* Vehicle Configurator - online vehicle configurator provides fleet managers with easy access to current manufacturer data and pricing to assist them in selecting vehicle make, model and options. This facilitates a smooth and accurate vehicle ordering process, which results in significant time savings for fleet managers.

* Remarketing Online Management - enhanced remarketing online management system provides real-time quotes increasing the speed of several aspects of the remarketing process, including vehicle buyouts and terminations. Customers access a comprehensive view of current vehicle book value, fair market value, related taxes, fees and more - all facilitating a driver or employee vehicle buyout.

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