Warren Oil, Dunn, N.C., launched Lubriguard15W40 CJ-4/SM heavy duty diesel engine oil containing SootSlayer Technology.

Lubriguard 15W40 has twice the soot handling capability of typical API CI-4 engine oils, according to the company, and is engineered to maximize engine performance and engine life in today's hotter-running low-emissions engines as well as in yesterday's more conventional engines. It exceeds all performance criteria of the new API CJ-4 service category as well as previous service categories.

With a high starting TBN's and strong TBN retention rates, the product is formulated to provide outstanding performance in extended drain applications and in mixed fleets at all diesel fuel sulfur levels from ultra low sulfur diesel fuels containing 15 ppm sulfur to off-highway diesel fuels containing up to 500 ppm sulfur.

More info: www.warrenoil.com