A new white paper from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, the North American leader in active safety and braking system technologies for commercial vehicles, is a platform to help fleets and others answer the question, "Full Stability or Roll-Only Stability?"

"Road Map for the Future: Making the Case for Full-Stability" presents information and data about both types of stability systems: roll-only systems, known as roll stability control/program (RSC/RSP) and full-stability technology, also called electronic stability program/control (ESP/ESC). The paper represents extensive research into the performance, capabilities, and limitations of roll-only and full-stability systems. It also clarifies the substantial differences in the technological approaches of the two stability options.

"Bendix has had vast involvement in stability development, marketing, and education," said Fred Andersky, Bendix director of marketing for controls and co-author of the paper. "While awareness of stability systems continues to increase, so does the confusion surrounding roll-only systems and full-stability systems. Understanding the differences - and the implications for today and tomorrow - is important, as both fleets and regulators consider decisions regarding stability for commercial vehicles. As an advocate for safer highways, we've made it our responsibility to deliver this critical information to the industry."

In the paper, Bendix concludes that only full-stability technology will both deliver maximum performance today and provide the commercial vehicle industry with a road map to the future of active safety. Supported by performance information and data from testing on various vehicles and surfaces and in a variety of weather conditions, the Bendix paper recognizes stability systems as a critical measure in helping to reduce deaths, injuries, property damage, and lost time due to out-of-service vehicles that can result from rollovers and loss-of-control events. The paper is intended to provide an objective comparison of stability technologies and to enable industry participants to fully understand stability options.

To request a copy of the Bendix paper "Road Map for the Future: Making the Case for Full-Stability," visit www.bendix.com and click on the stability technology white paper icon.