After expansions to the line in 2007 and 2008, Everco Heavy Duty, Lewisville, Texas, offers a comprehensive line of tensioners and complementary pulleys.

"At Everco Heavy Duty, our top quality belt tensioners and pulleys are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment requirements," said Matt Guden, business development manager for Everco. "We have more than 50 SKUs specifically designed for heavy duty applications, in addition to a full line tensioners and pulleys for medium and light duty applications."

Everco Heavy Duty tensioners for heavy duty applications have a patented "Flat Spring" design that is engineered to handle the high torque and power exerted by today's diesel engines. Everco Heavy Duty tensioners feature a design using wave spring and a metal ring with bonded rubber surface to act as a radial shock absorber for the tensioner arm, reducing the dirt and moisture which eliminates the wear and lockup.

Everco Heavy Duty pulleys come with lifetime-lubricated double seal bearings with high temperature grease which promotes a longer life. The close dimensional tolerances maintain OE specifications for fit, form and function.

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