The RLB490 low-profile regional drive tire is the latest addition to the lineup of application-specific tires from Double Coin.

The RLB490 takes the core specifications of the traditional RLB900 and upgrades it for enhanced performance and durability. The RLB490 is a premium regional traction drive tire, with components specially designed for the tough regional pick-up and delivery trucking segment.

Features include:

• Original tread depth of 19 to 22/32nds
• Large grooves & sipes in tread area for higher traction, water dispersion and even wear
• Wide shoulders to enhance maneuverability and deliver even footprint pressure
• Aggressive tread design
• Special tread compounds to fight scrub and irregular wear

The RLB490 is equipped with the Double Coin warranty of two guaranteed retreads and 50 percent free replacement opportunities.

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