Horton, Roseville, MN. introduced the new DM Advantage Fan Drives to meet the current and future industry demands for reliable engine cooling, fuel savings and noise reduction.
Offered in on/off and two-speed technologies, the fan drives are engineered for high-heat under-hood applications.

DM Advantage Fan Drives have endured two years of field testing in the highest-heat under-hood applications. The field tests were performed on over 250 trucks, which were driven more than a total of 45 million miles. This level of reliability translates into increased uptime and decreased maintenance costs.

The spring-engaged fan drive keeps engine coolant at a more consistent operating temperature and has increased reliability in high-horsepower applications. It features high torque for turning larger fans, a lighter weight, low parts count for simplicity and a fail-safe design.

The two-speed fan drive alternates between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling for efficient temperature control and faster engine warm-ups in cold weather. It is ideal for vehicles with little or no ram air. While using eddy current, it turns the fan at a lower speed, reducing operating noise, increasing available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimizes radiator abrasion from dust and debris. When additional cooling is needed, it spring-actuates and runs the fan at full input speed.

More info: www.hortoninc.com