International Specialized Trailers Manufacturing, Litchfield, MN has chosen the Haldex PLC Select full-function antilock braking system and Gold Seal Actuator.

Haldex PLC Select full-function ABS has an integrated control valve that performs all ABS control functions including service braking, spring brake control and anti-compounding. The single patented FFABS valve replaces up to three separate valves to minimize parts, plumbing, system weight, installation time, potential failure points, maintenance requirements and troubleshooting procedures.

The Gold Seal spring brake includes design features including long-lasting special heat-treated power spring which produces maximum output force and the zinc-plated push rod for added corrosion protection. Gold Seal models are available for both S-Cam and Air Disc Brakes.

Haldex offers Gold Seal spring brakes in 12 different sizes to meet every air brake system for trailer applications. Haldex Gold Seal spring brakes is backed with a four-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

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