A new career web site offers career seekers dozens of job-specific compatibility assessments in high-demand industries, including trucking.

JOBehaviors, Gig Harbor, Wash., worked with leading companies and training organizations across the country to develop their focused job assessments.

"Our goal is to provide individuals with powerful information that comes directly from people who love what they do," says Mark Tinney, president of JOBehaviors. "Our main focus is to help people discover the job that offers the greatest potential for success and long-term happiness. At the same time we want to connect companies and training organizations with high-potential candidates who've given their permission to be contacted."

The assessments are available free of charge and are based on an in-depth behavioral analysis with people who have found long-term success and satisfaction in their job.

The site allows people to choose assessments from a variety of industries, including: Automotive, Childcare, Banking, Construction, Grocery, Education, Fleet Maintenance, Healthcare, Sales, Sports, Transportation and others.

The assessments take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and provide instant comparative results (one through five stars) along with a narrative describing the person's likelihood of finding long-term job satisfaction. The assessments are available both for people interested in career insight for job training as well as for those who want to stand out in the crowd of otherwise qualified job candidates.

Jobseekers are able to create an account that allows access to dozens of assessments along with the ability to "opt-in" (results are kept private until a user decides to make them public) to share their result and contact information with companies offering training and/or employment opportunities.

"Since our assessments are tied directly to a job analysis with people who love what they do, we're able to dramatically improve training completion and long-term retention of new employees," Tinney says. "Our clients realize turnover reduction of up to 60 percent, with 90 percent to 95 percent completion of training. At the same time jobseekers are able to save time and money they might otherwise have spent pursuing the wrong job."

JOBehaviors recently participated in a training project for the transportation industry (Rapid Road to Recovery Program) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and the state of Arkansas which demonstrated the potential for enrolling candidates based on job-specific behavioral assessment. The project achieved a 93 percent completion of training with 88 percent still on the job after 60 days.

Calvin Graham, 43, of West Memphis, Ark., was in between jobs and thinking of pursuing a trucking career when he completed the JOBehaviors Long Haul Truck Driver assessment to gain entrance into the program. "The assessment played a big part in my decision to make trucking a career," he said. "Knowing I was a good match for the job really gave me more drive to complete the program. I was looking for a better career and I found it."

JOBehaviors partners are able to register with the service and create queries for candidates that meet such criteria as minimum assessment result, geographic location, employment versus training and availability. Preferred partners are able to create custom links that provide exclusive access to high potential applicants.

For more information: www.JOBehaviors.com