Everco Heavy Duty, Lewisville, Texas, has added a new video to its web site about the quality of products being sourced from low-cost countries.
The video is accessible through Everco brand's home page by clicking on the video link in the upper right corner.

"The heavy duty air conditioning segment has been hit hard by a flood of poorly designed and constructed products coming into the U.S., so it's more important than ever to know what you're buying and where it's coming from," said Matt Guden, business development manager for Everco. "This video effectively demonstrates the importance of paying close attention to details when selecting a vendor for supply - even with relatively simple products such as accumulators and filter driers which have no moving parts. We posted this video as part of our responsibility and commitment to the heavy duty air conditioning industry."

Everco Heavy Duty includes analyses in its vendor selection process which contains the verification of not only manufacturing, engineering and quality, but also statistical process control, QS / ISO certifications, process flow and repeatability, as well as shipping and receiving performance.

More info: www.evercohd.com