Honeywell International, the maker of Fram products, has partnered with Polaris Labs to offer the Fram Heavy Duty Fluid Analysis Program, a single source solution for fleet owners that tests everything from motor oil to coolant to hydraulic fluid.
The solution gives its fleet customers a process for evaluating the condition of their vehicles' fluids and to possibly help prevent costly engine failures.

Starting this year, Fram Fluid Analysis test labs are accessible to fleet owners by ground transit within 48 hours from anywhere within the continental United States. Customers can purchase a test kit, take a sample of the fluid indicated and submit the sample to Fram for analysis.

Online reporting software provides access to test results via the Internet almost immediately after the processing is complete. Sample jar labels and component registration forms have been redesigned to increase the clarity and accuracy of the sample information submitted to the laboratory.

The Fluid Analysis Program includes testing of the following fluids:

• Basic Oil -- Monitor both the unit and the fluid for wear and contamination.
• Advanced Engine Oil -- Receive a report of the total base number, total acid number and oxidation/nitration to determine if the oil is suitable for continued use.
• Diesel Fuel -- Determine if the fuel is negatively affecting fuel filter life or engine performance.
• Coolant -- Evaluate metal movement and corrosive attributes; pinpoint the source of combustion leaks, electrical ground problems, overheating and contamination.
• Hydraulic Fluid -- Check fluid and system cleanliness for wear and contamination; monitor the particle count for systems that operate under close tolerances and particle quantifying for systems where the type of wear occurring is a concern.

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