Water Maze has introduced the CLPB series, a wash-water treatment system integrating mechanical filtration and bioremediation.

With the integration of these two technologies there is no need for chlorine to sanitize the waste stream, making the CLPB operationally safer and more environmentally friendly. The technologies also work together to treat emulsified oils and suspended solids, such as clay or silt.

The CLPB line features a series of modular components so that the system can be configured to the customer's needs. It is now effective in cleaning industrial wastewater as well as wash water.

The CLPB facilitates the injection of a Water Maze proprietary BioStax 1800 Microbe Solution coordinated with a time-sequenced aeration of bacteria to control odor and create degradation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, fuels, benzenes, oils and grease.

The CLPB has a high-density, polyethylene tank that is extra-resistant to chemical fatigue and ultraviolet exposure. The system is fully automated for simple operation and low maintenance.

More info: www.wmaze.com