Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems designed a new lift axle model for Class 8 roll-off vehicles called Composilite RO.

The 13,500-pound-capacity RO fixed-axle model fits flat to the frame for maximum clearance from cylinder beams, attachments and sliding components. Scalloped hangers aid in the clearance around roll-off cylinders.

Hendrickson positioned Composilite RO springs and parallelogram components inside the frame rails, retaining a compact 23.5-inch packing space. Beams are spaced inboard 1 inch for additional clearance, and the air spring plates mount to the inside of the frame rail.

The parallelogram design keeps lift axle beams parallel for proper wheel tracking and help enhance tire life, and lift plates remain parallel to extend air spring life. The stabilizer features a cover to protect the stabilizing rod from dirt and debris throughout travel.

Composilite RO fixed axle delivers 13 inches of travel and 10 inches of lift and weighs in at 905 pounds.

More info: www.hendrickson-intl.com