The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company introduced a new Kelly Armorsteel KRH regional tire for pickup and delivery and school buses.

Available through Kelly dealers and truckstops, the new rib tire was developed for uniform and long-lasting wear in regional applications. Available in 11R22.5 and 11R 24.5 sizes in an H load rating, the tire has an enhanced belt package for multiple retreads. The 295.75R22.5 size will be available in mid-June.

Bruce Woodruff, marketing manager for regional and light-truck commercial tires, said the Armorsteel KRH tread pattern provides superb traction on wet and dry roads, as circumferential grooves and lateral blading help displace water from under the tire, allowing for confident driving in wet conditions.

Special tread compounding helps the tire resist "tread scrubbing and curbing in tight turns," Woodruff  said.

"The Armorsteel KRH regional tire is the latest entry to fortify the Kelly commercial tire lineup. Kelly has always represented a good deal on a great tire.  With its strong brand name and its value proposition, the KRH definitely differentiates Kelly from the competition," he added.

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