The Energy Information Administration released Energy in Brief, a new web series explaining important energy topics using plain language.
The series makes EIA information more accessible to energy novices.

"Energy education is a critical part of EIA's mission. At a time when American consumers face many energy-related challenges, it is more important than ever to provide the public with reliable energy information in a format that is useful and accessible by the widest possible audience," said Guy Caruso, EIA administrator.

Each Energy in Brief answers a question of importance to the public, covering the main points. The Briefs are web pages that are also printer-friendly.

The articles address the following:

* How dependent are we on foreign oil?
* What are greenhouse gases and how much do we emit?
* How much renewable energy do we use?
* What is liquefied natural gas and what is its role as an energy

The Energy in Brief series is available on EIA's web site at: