PeopleNet launched the MPG Guarantee Program, a service to help fleets improve miles-per-gallon fuel performance.

The goal of the MPG Guarantee Program is to increase fleet mpg by from 5 percent to 10 precent. PeopleNet guarantees the mpg benefit will exceed cost of the program within one year or all fees will be refunded.

The program involves a year-long collaboration during which PeopleNet Professional Services will audit customer practices, then develop and implement a plan. It includes six distinct phases that begin with an in-depth analysis of fuel purchasing, maintenance, driver habits, operating efficiency and equipment specs. It goes on to establish measurement benchmarks and a custom, fleet-specific plan to improve mpg.

The program also includes training for in-company trainers to carry the program forward and a long-term plan to make sure that mpg benefits are maintained well beyond that first year.

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