Truck-Lite's new LED Solid-State Warning Lamp operates with peak current of only 3 amps to flash its 18 light-emitting diodes, resulting in less stress on a truck's electrical system.

The lenses have optics designed to maximize the functionality of LEDs. All optics are internal, leaving a smooth outer surface for easier cleaning and resistance to build-up. The powder-coated die-cast aluminum base is designed for ease of mounting and corrosion resistance. Electronics and light sources are fully encapsulated in epoxy to enhance resistance to corrosion from road chemicals and corrosive environments.

The SWL meets SAE Warning Lamp Standard J845 Class 1 legal functions at 12v to 16v. It is operational down to 8v, at temperatures from 40 below to 158 degrees. It can be wired to provide dual or quad flash patterns. Options include a yellow lens or a clear lens with yellow LEDs. The SWL screw-on lenses require no tools for replacement.

The Truck-Lite SWL is suitable for use on municipal work vehicles, construction vehicles and equipment, waste collection trucks, concrete mixers and pumps, off-road and other heavy duty applications and all supervisors' vehicles. The lamps may be surface mounted and are also threaded with 1-inch NPT threads for pipe-mounting. They also carry a five-year limited warranty.