Utility Trailer and ATDynamics have partnered for commercial launch of ATDynamics' aerodynamic TrailerTail.

The rear-drag reduction device will be attached to the rear of the industry's first EPA SmartWay-certified trailer, a 4000D-X Dry Van built by Utility Trailer.

ATDynamics developed the collapsible TrailerTail extension to meet the durability and usability requirements of long-haul trucking operations, while cutting emissions and fuel costs by as much as 5 percent. It also improves vehicle safety by providing additional stability and reduced spray at the rear of the trailer.

Third-party SAE J1321 testing conducted by Robert Transportation at Energotest 2007 in Montreal, Canada showed that the TrailerTail boosts fuel efficiency by 5.1 percent at 62 mph. At 68 mph it yields potential efficiency gains of greater than 6 percent.
The TrailerTail is constructed of lightweight, rugged panels designed to endure daily wear and driver abuse, yet ensure smooth opening and closing. A patented hinge system allows truckers to operate doors and access loading bays normally. It collapses from 4 feet to 2 inches in length in less than 8 seconds.