Peterbilt announced that it will update its complete conventional medium-duty lineup of vehicles with a new dash featuring an enhanced ergonomic instrumentation layout, enhanced visibility for safety and driver comfort and Peterbilt navigation functionality.

The new dash will be available in July 2008 in Peterbilt's conventional medium-duty lineup including the Peterbilt Models 325, 330, 335 and 340. The new dash features include an enhanced side window defrost system and new dash panel colors.

The Peterbilt Navigation System features a VGA screen resolution with a 5-inch touchscreen, an MP3 audio player and a 30GB hard drive. It simplifies navigation with turn-by-turn directions and visual and audio cues integrated with the vehicle's stereo system. It also comes pre-loaded with Peterbilt dealer locations and lodging, fuel, ATM and restaurant locations across the United States and Canada.

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