Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems announced that the ModulX DB22LT disc brake is available on IMT axles.
IMT is a major manufacturer and supplier to the truck-trailer, OEM and defense industries.

The Haldex ModulX Air Disc Brake slides on four stainless steel slide pins, providing a more compact, stable design than the standard two-pin design. The stainless steel pins increase corrosion resistance, and require no lubrication. Two tappets equally distribute brake pad clamping force to ensure even wear, resulting in longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

DB22LT is an optimized disc brake design, engineered specifically for common heavy-duty applications. It outperforms standard S-cam drum brakes in practically every category, according to the company, and saves about 18 pounds per brake over previous ModulX versions.

ModulX is less sensitive to speed and temperature variations common in any extreme demanding grade or braking application. Air disc brakes outperform S cam drum brakes with less brake fade and more consistent pedal pressure required. The added safety means more driver confidence, even in the most demanding applications.

ModulX does not suffer from significant hysteresis like traditional S-cam drum brakes. With ModulX, braking force is applied more equally to all wheels, providing greater control and stability.