Reyco Granning has launched the 20AR/RS3162 DockMaster 2.1 Air Ride Slider, an improved version of the DockMaster.

The DockMaster 2.1 is designed for all standard heavy-duty trailer applications including dry freight and refrigerated vans. It has strength to stand up to curbing and other abuse, without walking or dropping away from the dock.

The anti-dock-drop and anti-dock-walk solution is built into the DockMaster 2.1 without add-ons, resulting in a reduced risk of injury to the fork truck driver and less damage to the load.

The DockMaster 2.1 also offers a low cost of operation, thanks in part to mid-width trailing beams and 4.5-in. wide pivot bushings, which reduce weight while giving long life and a better ride. Low weight allows fleets to haul more freight and save on fuel costs.

The DockMaster 2.1 also provides durable construction, which lasts well beyond the most extended trailer-trade cycle.

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