Thermo King announced the launch of the Extreme Arctic Kit for its TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System.

Lower operating costs and longer engine life are two of the driving factors behind the development of Thermo King's Extreme Arctic Kit for the TriPac system. Numerous studies have shown that the majority of mechanical engine wear (up to 90 percent) occurs during engine start-up. Cold weather start-up is potentially even more damaging as oil pressure will vary widely during the first several minutes of a cold-engine start.

When the TriPac system senses a coolant temperature below 30 degrees, the system automatically starts the TriPac engine and engages the coolant and oil heaters. The TriPac engine then circulates the coolant between the engine block and the TriPac, continuously monitoring the coolant temperature until it reaches 60 degrees. With the Extreme Arctic Kit, the TriPac system keeps the driver comfortable in the coldest of environments, and also ensures tractor starts easily every time with minimal wear and tear.