Peterbilt announced its new Front Air Leaf Suspension last week
at the 2008 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

Peterbilt's proprietary Front Air Leaf Suspension is a front suspension with an innovative design and high-performance components that delivers many improvements in ride and overall service maintenance. Peterbilt's Front Air Leaf Suspension will be available on Peterbilt's Models 384, 386, 388 and 389 in July with full production this fall.

The Front Air Leaf Suspension has a lower spring rate for better isolation of road inputs and a 20 percent improvement in ride, while at the same time, maintaining the roll stiffness and handling performance of a taperleaf suspension. The front air leaf design also uses four air springs to support up to 75 percent of the spring load. The front spring design has a wide, flat, lower leaf for good lateral stiffness and control and a stout upper leaf for improved roll stability and handling.

Reduction of road inputs to the cab, chassis and powertrain extends component life cycles. Maintenance-free rubber bushed spring pins, bonded one-piece shock absorber bushings and the barrel lock and latch air spring design simplifies service.

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