Phillips Industries introduced the i-Box, a larger, more efficient nosebox to handle the expanding electronic requirements of today's trailers,
at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week.

Short for "Information Box," the new nosebox was developed by Phillips at the request of a major U.S. trucking fleet. The fleet found that that they needed more room for additional wiring required by added trailer electronics such as trailer tracking and weigh systems that were not part of trailers 10 years ago. Phillips took this idea and designed a nosebox with a third more working room inside the box that alleviates wire pinching and pull-out which has become a problem in standard noseboxes.

While Phillips was expanding the size of the nosebox, they took the opportunity to make other time-saving and money-saving improvements such as:
• A hinged lid that houses a weather-proof gasket which protects th interior against corrosion and extreme weather
• Circuit breakers housed in the i-Box which can be changed in seconds
• The inclusion of Phillips 7-way QCS2 Quick Connect Socket allowing for easy replacement when required.

The i-Box can also house Phillips' Permalogic Trailer Dome Lamp Controller to automatically control trailer dome lamps. And, the i-Box has room for flash memory to store important trailer schematics, bills of material, maintenance and other important documents.

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