Countermind introduced MI Deliver, an enterprise-grade mobile software application designed to coordinate logistics and fleet management for medium to large-sized corporations.

MI Deliver automates processes such as pre/post truck inspection, load reconciliation, proof of delivery, and real-time inventory/asset management tracking. It can provide real-time delivery status update for customers within 90 seconds of initial logging, integrates with GPS navigation systems and on-board computer systems, and is backward/forward compatible with all Windows Mobile handheld devices. An online/offline dual mode ensures continuous work in low-density coverage areas.

MI Deliver is part of Countermind's Mobile Intelligence Platform, a standards-based software solution that is available in either a native Microsoft .NET or native Java Edition and is installed on the customer's computer. MI Applications, such as MI Deliver, are installed on top of the MI Platform and therefore can fully support a wide variety of handheld computers, server platforms, and communications networks without requiring software patches or system reconfigurations.

"Wireless and mobile technology has become a progressively widely used tool, but existing solutions often require expensive, custom-coded solutions that are difficult to support, and are rendered obsolete by the inevitable evolution of mobile market technologies," said Tom Smith, president of Countermind. "MI Deliver … enables companies to transition from a paper-based system or refresh their existing mobile deployments with a scalable and intelligent solution."