Dometic is offering a prewired battery box for its battery-powered CARB-compliant HVAC systems.

This new, minimum footprint, six-battery position box stores the batteries and inverter stacked on two levels. The battery box has roughly the same dimensions as a typical auxiliary power unit, mounting easily on the side of the truck frame. Designed to house Group 31 absorbed glass mat batteries necessary to run the system, the box is prewired for the batteries as well as the system's circuit breaker and inverter, helping to reduce installation times.

"Dometic is committed to cutting installation costs for our customers," said Lou Siegel, senior vice president, marketing and strategic business development. "We have found this prewired box to be the solution that many of our customers are seeking."

The prewired battery box complements Dometic's battery-powered air conditioning solutions, providing 10-17 hours of cool cab comfort. These systems help fleet owners and owner-operators save on rapidly rising fuel costs while abiding by the most stringent of emissions regulations. Run time is determined by the truck's use profile and number of batteries.

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