RapidWarranty.com has introduced the heavy-duty trucking industry's first automated warranty claims transaction processing service based on industry-standard VMRS 2000 codes.

In addition to full compliance with the Technology and Maintenance Council's warranty practice RP-807 for warranty claims filing, RapidWarranty.com offers web-enabled generation of repair orders compliant with TMC Forms 6 and 7, and creation of the "Driver Equipment Condition Report/Vehicle Condition Report," ATA/TMC Form 40.
"RapidWarranty.com puts sophisticated standards-based filing of warranty claims as close as the nearest Internet-connected PC," explained President Bharat Thacker. "Using our service, one set of industry-standard, RP-807 compliant, VMRS 2000 codes will let you file warranty claims with OEMs and suppliers, all from any Internet connection.
Built-in intelligence handles all of the claim routing and necessary formatting to give users a fast, safe, and easy-to-use claim filing system, plus a permanent record of what was reported and when it was repaired.
Standards-based automation of vehicle reporting, maintenance, and warranty claims mean even a mid-size operation can realize significant savings, Thacker noted. He said fleets and repair facilities experience a significant reduction in the time and cost associated with generating vehicle condition reports, repair orders, and warranty claims, and truck OEMs and suppliers get a streamlined process that lets users file warranty claims with error-free, validated data without disturbing existing processes.
RapidWarranty.com's web-based warranty transaction processing service implements the ATA Technology and Maintenance Council's Recommended Practice 807, "The Universal Equipment Claim Process." This, in turn, builds on the TMC/ATA Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards program, which developed the industry-standard codes used by RapidWarranty.com to process vehicle condition data and generate work orders and warranty claims.
The company has been an active member of the VMRS committee since 2001, and Thacker chairs the Electronic Standard for Repair Order Task Force. RapidWarranty.com developed an electronic implementation of the DECR/VCR using VMRS 2000 codes, which was made available to TMC members at no charge.
"We have built on that work," Thacker added, "to develop RapidWarranty.com's web-
As long as the codes and data fields comply with the VMRS 2000 standard, fleets or independent repair facilities can use any shop floor system they choose, even paper forms, and RapidWarranty.com can use the data to submit the claim. All that's required is one set of codes, one terminal, and one web-based application.
For more information, go to www.rapidwarranty.com.