Universal Boot Inc., which manufactures a conical kingpin lock for trailers, has developed a secure lightweight trailer anti-theft device.

Recent developments in technology and the use of innovative aluminum alloys allow the company to provide a lighter product while maintaining the mass of the unit.
The new unit offers many characteristics requested by king pinlock users. It needs neither tools nor the lock key for installation, is easy to carry, store and clean, and installs and removes quickly due to its push-lock design.
The unit is not intended for the same risk environment as its bigger brother, the PF-08, from which it derives many features.
The lock is ully compatible with cylinders from Abloy, Mul-T-Lock and Medeco. This allows any lock manufacturer or customer to purchase the conical shell only and adapt their own key system to the PF-09.
For more information, call (888) 354-5699 or visit www.universalboot.com.