RigMaster Power Corp. has an expanded product offering for 2008 as well as a number of product enhancements on all its APU models.
Caterpillar T4 unit
Caterpillar T4 unit
RigMaster has expanded its APU product offerings with two new models:
  • The T4 CARB-compliant model uses a Tier 4a engine and can be equipped with a DPF for California compliance on 2007 or newer trucks pending final approval.
  • The T2 model is fitted with a Tier 2 EPA-compliant engine, and is a cost-effective choice for customers looking to install an APU on pre-2007 model trucks or who do not intend to travel to California.

Both models feature a number of product enhancements for 2008. All 2008 models now come with a serpentine belt drive to replace the generator and compressor belts and will reduce maintenance, improve serviceability and increase the longevity of the APU. The new design also offers drivers improved heating and cooling to the cab and comes factory-installed with a quieter muffler designed with multiple exhaust options for greater installation flexibility.
Both unit models are available with either Perkins or Caterpillar engines.
RigMaster Power Corp. manufacturers and distributes the stand-alone RigMaster Power APU in North America through a network of 200 independent sales and service locations. For more information, go to www.rigmasterpower.com.