Yokohama has introduced two new commercial truck tires - the 103ZR and 501ZA - both part of Yokohama Tire's eco-friendly, ultra-high-tech Z.environment line, which features truck tires that last longer and are more fuel efficient,
Yokohama's 103ZR truck tire.
Yokohama's 103ZR truck tire.
according to the tire builder.
"The 103ZR offers a compound, tread design and casing construction that delivers longer treadwear and low rolling resistance," said John Cooney, Yokohama's director of commercial sales. "The casings innovations actually predict changes in tire shape that occur in early stages of wear. The result is increased durability due to stabilized performance over the wear of the tire."
Other special features of the 103ZR include rock-ejector platforms that keep stones and debris out of the grooves to enhance durability; superior fuel economy due to stronger and more pliable rubber that reduces heat generation and provides low rolling resistance; and a wide tread, partnered with a 23/32-inch tread depth that promotes long, even wear. The 103ZR will be offered in seven sizes.
Cooney described the 501ZA as "an excellent choice for on- and off-highway use. It delivers longer treadwear and low rolling resistance, both signatures of the Z.environment line. The 501ZA's thick undertread offers extended casing life that makes it perfect for concrete and dump trucks.
The 501ZA also provides enhanced durability, thanks to a special compound that provides longer mileage and greater chip resistance. Plus, added stone ejectors on the outside grooves minimize rock penetration. And, like all the tires in the Z.environment line, the high-tech special 501ZA compound offers stronger and more pliable rubber for better fuel economy due to less heat generation and improved low rolling resistance. The 501ZA will be offered in two sizes.