Voodoo Ride's new Hexx scratch remover was developed to erase small scratch and swirl marks from your truck, leaving a glossy finish in one easy step.
"Hexx is a great complement to our other products like Mojo, Shoq,
Hypd and Silq," said Chris Ferraro, president, CEO and co-founder, along with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., of Voodoo Ride. "Hexx is the remedy for those annoying small scratches you get from time to time. Unlike other scratch removers on the market that can damage the surface of your vehicle, Hexx will gradually degrade while removing minor imperfections, making it a safe and effective solution to scratch and swirl mark issues."
Voodoo Ride is a Chicago-based company that produces and distributes a line of vehicle appearance products.
For more information, call (312) 944-0465 or visit www.voodooride.com.