IntelliStick Inc. of Newport Beach, Calif., has launched IntelliStick, a patented dipstick replacement sensor technology for the commercial trucking industry. IntelliStick allows owner-operators and fleet managers
to monitor the condition of their truck's engine oil in real time, eliminating the turnaround time required for traditional laboratory oil analysis.
This system monitors oil condition by measuring the additive conditions and oxidation/acid build-up in the oil, while continuously scanning for water/coolant and fuel intrusions.
The dipstick sensor communicates with any Microsoft Windows-based Bluetooth-enabled PDA, cell phone or laptop, resulting in an easy to read graphic called the "Kauffman Curve."
Independent operators and fleet service technicians will now be able to minimize downtime and costs spent on premature or unnecessary oil changes, while increasing awareness of their equipment condition.
"Rather than changing oil on best-guess mileage and time intervals, or relying on off-site, untimely laboratory analysis, the IntelliStick sensor directly measures the actual, real-time condition of engine oil to allow owner-operators to know the absolute best time for a change," said Professor Robert Kauffman at the University of Dayton Research Institute. "This is the first time that operators can get a continually updated, laboratory-grade picture of the actual state of their engine oil."
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