Peterson Manufacturing Co. has developed what it describes as a rugged, super-bright LED worklight for use on a wide range of working vehicles.
Listed as the Model 907, the new 4-inch round light
is the latest addition to Peterson's Great White LED line. Ten super-high-output white diodes are paired with a custom fresnel lens produce its ultra-white brilliance in an even, round pattern with significant side light.
Peterson presents the M907 as an ideal replacement for standard PAR 36-type lights, offering several advantages in addition to the exceptional visibility it provides for worklight applications.
"Worklights can take a terrific beating on the job," said Jay Gillam, Peterson's director of Heavy-Duty Sales. "We wanted to engineer cutting-edge LED technology into a sealed-beam lamp built to stand up against punishing conditions. "
Vibration-resistant and hard-wired for durability, the M907 delivers 100,000-hour diode life and a low amp draw that is easy on vehicle electrical systems.
Peterson's M907 is available in a durable, flexible rubber housing or separately for installation in a surface-mount bracket or traditional grommet mount in a standard 4.5-inch mounting hole.
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