Minnesota-based Waytek Inc., a distributor of electrical wiring supplies, gas added new solenoids to its product line. Solenoids remotely switch high electrical current when a much lower current is applied to its electromagnet coil.

Solenoids are similar to a relay, but they can be used for heavier duty applications, such as a starter motor.
Waytek offers the new solenoids in single pole, single throw (SPST), continuous or intermittent and grounded or insulated configurations, with 12 or 24-volt DC ratings. Solenoids with weather and dirt-resistant plasticized steel casings are also available.
Other new products from Waytek include: E-Stop and Push Button Switches, ATO/ATC Fuse Holders, Hella Relays, Glass Fuse Holder, Momentary Start Switch Boot and Collar, 3M VHB Tape, ANN/ANL Fuse Holder and more.
Visit www.waytekwire.com/Solenoids.pdf for more information.