Teletrac Navman, a software-as-a-service provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets, announced a new integration with Noregon, which provides vehicle diagnostic, repair, and monitoring solutions.

Combining the intelligent fleet management capabilities of Teletrac Navman Director and the advanced vehicle health and safety diagnostics of Noregon TripVision, this integration gives carriers a holistic view of vehicle fitness in real time.

TripVision analyzes the operational data aggregated through Director’s platform to grade the health and safety of each vehicle. These scores are available for all fleet vehicles in an online portal accessible with any internet-connected device and are configurable to send alerts to fleet personnel if scores drop below a user-defined threshold.

Along with aggregated scores, detailed information about each vehicle is available, including severity levels, the expected effect on the vehicle, and expert recommendations for managing the faults, such as immediately shutting down the engine or remaining in transit and delaying repairs until the next planned service event.