Photo  via Reddit

Photo via Reddit

A post on the Tesla "subreddit" of shows a concept vehicle that appears to be Tesla’s unannounced electric road tractor.

In the photo, an unidentified silver tractor or at least a cab is visible sitting on a flatbed trailer in a dirt lot. In an article on The Verge, Tesla neither confirmed nor denied whether it was its electric big rig, only saying that its policy was to “always decline to comment on speculation.”

There is no badging on the truck to indicate that it is from Tesla, but commenters on the post pointed out some similarities in the design when compared to the teaser image that Tesla released in April.

Interestingly, the original post in the Tesla subreddit has since been deleted and the Reddit user who posted the original photo has deleted their profile. The photo was later reposted by a second user who managed to save the photo before it was deleted. 

We may not have to wait long to find out if this is indeed Tesla's electric truck. The company plans to unveil the Tesla Semi on Oct. 26, at an event in Hawthorne, Calif.