Orbcomm has acquired transportation management systems provider Blue Tree Systems Limited and its subsidiaries.

Based in Galway, Ireland, Blue Tree Systems offers transportation management solutions for assets such as trucks and trailers. It has subsidiaries in the U.S., Germany, and France. The acquisition adds truck in-cab and refrigerated fleet vehicle solutions to Orbcomm's lineup of cargo solutions. Customers will have access to an integrated offering encompassing nearly all transportation assets from one source. Blue Tree also adds strength and distribution in key areas such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, according to Orbcomm.

“With advanced trucking solutions combined with an integrated software platform, Blue Tree is a strong strategic addition to Orbcomm’s broad transportation portfolio,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “Combined with our acquisition of inthinc in June, Blue Tree enables Orbcomm to provide the most complete transportation solution offering covering nearly every asset class – from in-cab to fleet vehicles to refrigerated assets to dry vans – making us the clear leader in this space and in global industrial IoT.”

Blue Tree’s truck in-cab platform is based on an open Android architecture that offers customers a fully managed and flexible solution that is designed to be easy for drivers to use. In addition, Blue Tree offers advanced, country-specific compliance solutions in both North America and Europe. Blue Tree’s solutions meet the requirements for the Electronic Logging Device Mandate regulations.

“We look forward to leveraging Orbcomm’s strong brand equity in our markets,” said Charlie Cahill, founder and chief executive officer of Blue Tree Systems. “Orbcomm’s leadership in transportation telematics provides great synergy and support for our transportation solutions and delivers an unmatched and long-lasting value proposition for transportation companies around the world.”