Photo: Zonar

Photo: Zonar

Zonar has announced the Zonar Docs image capturing solution designed to improve the paperwork management process.

The cloud-based technology is designed to improve operational efficiency for carriers and help drivers get paid faster by reducing the time it takes to deliver paperwork, including invoices, receipts, and more to dispatch.

“Zonar Docs is a natural addition to our smart fleet management offerings and reduces the substantial paperwork burden currently placed on fleet managers and drivers alike,” said Larry Jordan, chief product officer at Zonar. “The new technology builds on Zonar’s aim to streamline fleet management processes.”

Zonar Docs works with Zonar Connect – the company’s tablet that connects truck drivers and fleet managers – by using real-time mobile technology. Zonar Docs is an automated process and reduces the time it takes the paperwork to reach dispatch. The solution provides proof-of-load delivery for fleet managers and creates a web portal for dispatch to track and download materials. Zonar Docs is designed for use in small to medium-sized fleets.

Drivers log into the Zonar Docs application on the Zonar Connect tablet using Single Sign-On technology with their driver ID and pin. Within the app, they are led through a step-by-step guide for submitting paperwork for a delivery where they add photo documentation and submit to the database server from the road. Once the document is submitted, dispatch is able to view the material in the Admin Portal and approve it in real-time ultimately increasing operational efficiency for the fleet.

For more information on Zonar Docs, click here.

ContiPressureCheck Integration

Zonar has also announced the initial integration of Continental’s ContiPressureCheck, a system designed to measure tire pressure and send alerts in real-time into Zonar’s fleet management software, Ground Traffic Control.

“Tire pressure is one of the most critical aspects of tire safety and removal mileage. Failure to properly maintain tire pressure can create a huge financial burden and decrease safety for drivers,” said Paul Williams, Continental's executive vice president for Commercial Vehicle Tires in the Americas. “Partnering with Zonar to integrate the ContiPressureCheck technology into its smart fleet management solutions is a natural progression for our companies and represents a major step forward in improving fleet operations for companies of all sizes.”

ContiPressureCheck is integrated into Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control which provides organizations with a real-time picture of its fleet operations with high-definition GPS fleet tracking, providing live delivery of vehicle performance, subsystem, and diagnostic information.

By integrating information from the ContiPressureCheck system with Ground Traffic Control, fleet managers are alerted for low tire pressure via text, email notifications or reports in Ground Traffic Control. Fault codes can be read remotely by fleet operations at the same time the driver sees an in-vehicle indicator lamp to streamline preventative maintenance and on-road performance. To access tire data in Ground Traffic Control, the fleet simply needs to install the ContiPressureCheck tire pressure monitoring system, consisting of tire sensors, a central processor, and an optional in-cab display.

For more information on the ContiPressureCheck integration, click here.