American Trucking Associations has joined the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, AAA, and the American Bus Association, to unveil the Our Roads, Our Safety Partnership, aimed at reducing highway fatalities.

Our Roads, Our Safety is an outreach program focused on producing strong, collaborative highway safety messages through innovative strategies to deliver them to targeted audiences. All of the groups involved share a goal of reducing the number of crashes on U.S. roads, specifically, crashes involving large commercial vehicles.

“ATA, through our Share the Road highway safety program, has been educating the motoring public about safety for more than three decades, and we are excited to expand our partnership with FMCSA and other highway users,” said Chris Spear, ATA president and CEO. “The trucking industry is committed to reducing vehicle accidents, and to meet its safety goals, investing more than $9.5 billion on safety each year in the form of training, technology and developing safety messages like we’ve done in the Our Roads, Our Safety partnership.”

To reach audiences, the Our Roads, Our Safety campaign is developing a series of safety videos, advertisements, infographics and social media content to spread safety tips and reminders throughout the country.

The first Our Roads, Our Safety video covers commercial vehicle blind spots. Coalition partners developed the animation to provide viewers with a simple explanation of safe and unsafe maneuvers surrounding commercial vehicles. The animation highlights safe zones around a truck and asks drivers to only pass commercial vehicles on the driver’s side, if possible. 

Our Roads, Our Safety is also launching a nationwide social media campaign to generate positive awareness about highway safety. The campaign aims to spread a safety message among critical demographics in key states to amplify visibility and further reduce highway crashes.

“At ATA, we feel it is our duty to work alongside allies in the highway safety sector to ensure that all safety messages are shaped by the professional truck drivers dedicated to promoting highway safety in their day-to-day operations,” said Elisabeth Barna, ATA executive vice president of industry affairs and COO. “We are proud to work with ABA, AAA, and FMCSA to spread a common message that whether you are a truck driver, bus driver or general motorist, we are all responsible for safely sharing our nation’s highways.”