Photo: Continental

Photo: Continental

PeopleNet has announced the integration of the ContiPressureCheck tire pressure monitoring system from Continental.

After the completion of a beta test, the ContiPressureCheck system is now available to fleets that have deployed PeopleNet technology in their trucks. The TPMS also drivers and back-office personnel to continuously monitor real-time pressure and temperature of their tires.

The ContiPressureCheck sensor is mounted on the inner liner of a tire, unlike comparable systems that have wheel or valve-mounted sensors. The sensor placement can protect it from theft or damage while providing an accurate measurement of the tire’s pressure and temperature. The system can accommodate multiple configurations for a range of commercial tire types, including tractors, trailers, buses, and coaches.

“With PeopleNet’s expertise in the world of telematics and our long history of providing truck tire solutions, this relationship gives fleets the best of both worlds,” said Paul Williams, executive vice president, Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires. “In addition to the positive impact that correct air pressure has on driver safety, CPC will also help increase tire life and minimize downtime related to tire failures.”