Products in the warehouse that are part of the Emergency Supply Stockpile that XPO manages for NYCEM. Photo: XPO Logistics

Products in the warehouse that are part of the Emergency Supply Stockpile that XPO manages for NYCEM. Photo: XPO Logistics

The City of New York has renewed a contract with XPO Logistics, positioning the company as the logistics manager for NYC's Logistics Shelter Support and Commodity Distribution programs.

The contract expands XPO’s services beyond the primary sheltering operation to include mass feeding and other logistics needs of the Emergency Operation Center task force.

The multi-year deal ensures that XPO will manage two dedicated logistics facilities that house the city’s stockpile of emergency relief supplies. XPO is also responsible for expediting supplies to around 100 shelters across the city's five boroughs when severe weather or other hazardous events are imminent.

In the event of an emergency, the city will issue a mobilization order to XPO giving the company a 24-hour window to deploy staff and transportation resources, stage shipments, begin deliveries, and manage inventory replenishments.

The NYCEM emergency relief stockpile includes more than 1-million liters of water and hundreds of thousands of ready-to-eat meals, as well as basic supplies such as first-aid kits, baby formula, diapers, blankets, and other life-sustaining mass care supplies.

“The City’s emergency supply stockpile is a key preparedness measure to ensure that needed supplies are available when needed in communities throughout New York City,” said Joseph Esposito, NYC emergency management commissioner.  “With items ranging from cots and blankets to baby formula and bottled water, the stockpile provides access to crucial resources to help New Yorkers before, during, and after emergencies.”

It is the largest emergency stockpile of its kind in the U.S., according to NYCEM. The program was established in 2007 and was deployed for Hurricane Irene in 2011, and Superstorm Sandy in 2012, and mobilized for Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.

“We’re thrilled to expand our decade-long support of New York City Emergency Management and its critical public safety program,” said Ashfaque Chowdhury, XPO Logistics president, supply chain, Americas and Asia Pacific. “We appreciate the trust that NYCEM has placed in us to deliver a fast-response, high-value logistics solution for shelter operations and commodity distribution during city-wide emergencies.”