International Truck announced the grand opening of the new flagship Used Truck Center in Melrose Park, Ill.

While the current Used Truck Center is also located in Melrose Park, the four-block move will bring it in the same building as Navistar’s Melrose Park Plant and occupy previously unused space on the land. In addition, it will finish off a consolidation effort which brings engine testing, the Used Truck Reconditioning Center, certified technicians and used-truck sales all in a single location.

“The Used Truck Center move provides an opportunity to create our most comprehensive used truck facility yet,” said Jeff Heichel, vice president, Used Truck Operations. “On one side of the building, we will be selling our used trucks; and on the other, we have certified technicians working on reconditioning them. It creates a great environment that promotes sales and customer service.”

The new truck center is a 5,500 sq.-ft. building – a drastic improvement from the 2,500 sq.-ft. location it is replacing – and sits on a 150,000 sq.-ft. lot, with the potential to expand to 206,000 sq.-ft. The new facility comes with great accommodations for both customers and International’s sales team.