XPO LTL driver and truck show off the fleet's rebranded look .  Photos: XPO Logistics

XPO LTL driver and truck show off the fleet's rebranded look. Photos: XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics Inc., a global provider of transportation and logistics solutions, announced on May 10 that it has completed rebranding its North American less-than-truckload business.

The Greenwich, Connecticut-based firm noted that the business unit is the second-largest provider of LTL transportation in this market. XPO said the rebranding aligns its North American LTL operations with those in Europe, where the company has a large market presence.    

“The rebranding was an extensive undertaking that involved nearly 300 facilities, approximately 8,000 tractors and over 25,000 freight trailers, as well as uniforms for more than 14,300 drivers and dockworkers,” said Tony Brooks, president of the LTL business for XPO Logistics.

Noting that the company’s employees are “proud to show the world that they are part of the global XPO team,” Brooks told HDT that the roughly nine-month effort has culminated in the LTL operation’s employees feeling that “they are part of a brand that they can be proud of. We could see their excitement grow as we got the ball rolling and more equipment [received new graphics] and new uniforms arrived.” 

Brooks said XPO made sure the rebranding rolled out without impacting “our running of a complex LTL network and delivering our industry-leading service levels” to shippers. 

“It was quite an undertaking,” he remarked. Brooks said the effort has given the brand “a clean look that speaks to the quality of the portfolio of services that we provide our customers.” 

He noted that along with LTL, XPO Logistics operates a total of nine lines of business in North America, including intermodal, last-mile delivery and brokerage services, so it was deemed important to present a unified look in the marketplace here as well as abroad.

XPO Logistics ranks itself among the top ten global logistics providers. It operates in 34 countries and its over 89,000 employees work out of 1,431 locations to serve more than 50,000 customers. The company has two reporting segments: transportation and logistics; within those segments, its business is diversified by geographies, verticals and types of services.

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