Photo: David Cullen

Photo: David Cullen

Paccar Leasing announced it will offer automatic toll billing and collecting to its lease and rental customers through PacToll, a toll management program created through a partnership with Bestpass.

The PacToll solution, powered by Bestpass’s single-source payment and toll management solutions, includes features such as seamless rebilling from lessor to lessee and the ability to transfer transponders from leased provider to customer accounts and back again.

PacLease customers who already use the Bestpass service will have the option to transfer transponders in lease vehicles to their Bestpass account for the duration of the lease. This will streamline toll tracking and management for fleets while allowing them to retain their regular Bestpass discounts, account fees, and features.

All PacToll customers will have access to Bestpass’s national toll coverage, which includes all major U.S. toll roads and more than 40 tolling groups.

“PacLease is one of the fastest growing commercial leasing companies in transportation, and we are thrilled to be able to provide them with a value-added program that will allow them to better serve their customers," said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. "We developed our Leased Equipment Toll Solution specifically to meet the challenges inherent in managing toll for leased equipment, and we look forward to helping everyone involved save time and money on tolls."