Photo: Risk Reward Consulting

Photo: Risk Reward Consulting

Risk Reward Consulting is offering advanced executive leadership training programs called Drivers Are First, designed to help carrier companies build an intelligent driver retention system and reduce turnover.

The programs add critical driver retention and recruiting issues that carrier executive teams regularly face, focusing on the CEOs as change agents within their companies.

“CEOs of transportation companies are concerned about many matters that are negatively impacting safe and efficient operations for the motoring public. With the annual truck driver turnover rate close to 100 percent, the market is experiencing a real crisis," said Norris Beren, CEO of Risk Reward Consulting. "We think it is more critical now than ever to address these issues head on; therefore, we decided to create an opportunity to help companies identify and resolve the real issues that are preventing them from finding and keeping qualified drivers."

At Drivers Are First workshops, transportation experts will present on a variety of key retention-related topics. The agenda cover topics that include:

  • Seven Recruiting Costs You Can Reduce with an Intelligent Retention Strategic Plan
  • How to Develop an "Attractor Factor" Approach to Get and Keep the Best Qualified Drivers in an Unattractive and Threatened Industry
  • Using Technology to Shorten the Application-to-Orientation Timeline with Substantially Improved Results
  • Cut Orientation Time Significantly and Get the New Drivers on the Road One or Two Days Sooner
  • Learn to Hire for "Traits" Not Experience and Skills

The learning programs are available for newer companies with smaller budgets as well as veteran companies with larger budgets that are having trouble getting desired results.  For more information, click here.