Photo: Ingersoll Axle by Dexter

Photo: Ingersoll Axle by Dexter

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Ingersoll Axle by Dexter is launching the Smart-Steer 2.0 steer axle and Smart-Axl integrated suspension, the company announced here at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Smart Steer 2.0 is the company’s newest generation of self-steer axles, designed to be smarter and easier to use. The axles feature a bolt-on steer arm, allowing quick changes in steering angles and reducing repair costs and downtime.

The slimmer torpress design gets rid of the proportioning valve, which can result in better performance, increased reliability, longer life, and ease of service.

"With these three unique features, our self-steer axles are now easier to use, easier to maintain and more cost effective than ever before,” said Steve McManus, vice president of sales for Ingersoll Axle. “You will save both time and money on everything over the life of the product. This translates into higher operating efficiencies and lower costs per mile for fleets using our Ingersoll Self Steer Axle by Dexter.”

The Smart-Axl suspension is a top-mount, integrated suspension system for weight-conscious tandem and tridem applications such as tankers, flatbeds, grain, and livestock haulers. It boasts a capacity of 23,000 pounds with ride heights from 14 to 19-inches.

The suspension design results in a smooth ride, better performance, and more durability, according to Ingersoll Axle. The unique tri-functional pivot bushing features a voidless design and oval core eliminating a potential failure mode in the industry standard pivot bushing design. The oval metal core provides a 30% larger surface offering better pivot connection clamping to reduce chances of delamination. All parts in the Smart-Axl suspension line are interchangeable with the industry standard as well.

"Our axles have a proven track record on the roads and highways of North America in all applications," said McManus.  "Adding these new innovations to our already high-quality self-steer will always keep us one step ahead of the competition."

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