Screenshot via ARI.

Screenshot via ARI.

ARI has begun offering a vendor locator tool to its fleet clients as a value-added service, the fleet management company has announced.

The ARI Vendor Locator, which is new to both ARI insights and ARI Driver insights, allows users to search ARI’s extensive vendor database by name, type, profile and services offered. It also allows a user to limit the search to a specific mile/km radius up to 25 miles/km from a specific location. This can help both fleet managers and drivers in finding exactly the right vendor quickly and easily, which means the vehicle can get in and out of the shop faster too.   

Search results can be viewed as a list or an interactive Google map, which can be zoomed and moved, with numbered pins showing the location of the vendors. Results also can be filtered by the specific kind of work needed; this allows users to quickly determine which vendor is best suited for a specific job. A chosen result can also be opened in Google maps independently, allowing a user to access driving directions as well.

For each vendor, a user will see its contact information, available services and the volume of repair activity both by the number of vehicles serviced and the number of purchase orders completed, which gives users an understanding of that vendor’s capacity to handle fleet-specific needs. Users are also provided with a street view of a vendor’s facility so they know what to look for if they choose a certain location.

Users are able to contribute and view reviews and ratings from other individuals within their organization, providing additional insight for those looking for a shop to assist with maintenance needs. 

“When you’re in need of a vendor in an unfamiliar area, the ARI Vendor Locator will help you find the closest and best option available to you,” said Tony Candeloro, vice president of product development and client information services. “This is just the latest example of how ARI is evolving its technology to ensure that every aspect of fleet operation is as efficient as possible.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet